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Our same day service guarantee and trained technicians make you feel confident in your choice of heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Saskatoon, Martensville, Warman and area from the moment you book your call.

Solving Complex Problems

Most people we help are facing a critical home emergency, or a problem they’ve uncovered that needs to be dealt with in the shortest amount of time possible. Our team of heating, cooling, and plumbing professionals provides on-demand service at a fair price with spotless attention to detail.

Experts in Troubleshooting

Our owner Scott Faulkner’s passion for decoding unique systems with complex issues led him to start Innovative Heating and Cooling in 2009. This highly-focused goal has driven our company to win multiple honours in small business excellence including SABEX Awards, NSBA Awards, and Planet S Magazine’s Best Plumber in Saskatoon.  Scott and his team of technicians are dedicated to continuous improvement, are involved in the community, and committed to finding the best solution for you, the client.

About Us

Innovative Heating & Cooling

Innovative Heating and Cooling started as a furnace and air conditioning service company that serves Saskatoon, Martensville, Warman and area. We built our business on residential and commercial projects that include repairing, maintaining, and installing furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and air quality equipment including humidifiers. Since then our team of professionals has evolved to include Saskatoon plumbers, sheet metal workers, general contractors, and home carpenters.

With a strong commitment to quality, the team is committed to the Quality Service Promise which defines how you, your home and your project are treated.

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Our Commitment

Innovative Heating and Cooling offers excellent solutions that give you peace of mind during emergencies. From the first time you chat with us you’ll notice that we take time to answer your questions in order to follow through on our Quality Service Promise.

2301 Ave C North #113, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Z5

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