When you’re building or renovating your home, kitchen, or bathroom you have a chance to reach the highest level of quality from the start.

Home Improvement

New Home Builds Demonstrate Our Commitment to Quality

You can buy the best appliances for your new custom home, but they’ll never reach peak performance, or last the lifespan they should when installed improperly.

Great maintenance starts with excellent fittings.

Innovative Heating and Cooling is well known in the construction industry as the building partner that installs heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment with diligence and integrity. As a new home contractor in Saskatoon we are proud of our reputation as one of the area’s leading heating and plumbing companies. We couldn’t do it without our team’s commitment to top-quality workmanship, knowledge of current technology and industry standards, and our Quality Service Promise.

Kitchen Design and Bathroom Renovations

You’ve decided it’s time to overhaul your kitchen and bathroom, but you don’t know where to start. We have a team that specializes in full-service home improvement on your favourite rooms. This ensures you can start using your new kitchen or bath in less time with more convenience.

You won’t have to worry about hiring drywall, tile, electrical, or carpentry contractors – we can manage your project to ensure it’s completed on time by our professionals. With our smooth process you can expect a complete bathroom renovation in only one week!

Open Your Home with Zero Bulkhead Systems

Keep the full height of your basement ceiling and main floor by utilizing your home’s joists to open the space. Innovative Heating and Cooling is pioneering zero bulkhead sheet metal designs in Saskatoon and area. Getting rid of bulkheads gives you a clean design with the same effectiveness as standard systems.

Custom Sheet Metal and Ductwork?

Sometimes run-of- the-mill designs won’t do. Innovative Heating and Cooling has a full service custom sheet metal shop for heating, cooling, or ductwork systems.

Innovative Prevent

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Our Commitment

Innovative Heating and Cooling offers excellent solutions that give you peace of mind during emergencies. From the first time you chat with us you’ll notice that we take time to answer your questions in order to follow through on our Quality Service Promise.

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Sign up for Innovative Prevent our hassle-free maintenance program and we can help you protect your investment in heating, cooling and plumbing in your home. Let us help you find a monthly plan that works best for you!

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