Get This Aha! Hack For Your Kitchen ASAP

Is there anything less appealing to set on your countertop than a drying rack? A totally necessary kitchen item, but definitely one that leaves something to be desired when it comes to aesthetics, the drying rack has long been a source of stress for design-conscious homeowners. But one designer may have come up with a solution that is as elegant as it is useful.

An architect from Oakland, California designed a kitchen sink for one of his clients that had a built-in drying rack directly behind the faucet. Adding the drainboard behind the faucet as a component of the sink itself freed up precious, usable counter space and didn’t look out of place or ugly when not in use. Even better, because it was all one piece, there was no spaces or gaps to collect food particles or water and get moldy.

The architect suggests that if you want to have this look for your own home, contact a sheet metal fabricator to commission one of these easy designs.

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