The One Feature Everyone Wants in Their Bathroom

The options to customize your bathroom are endless. Even an image search of the phrase “bathroom” will turn up infinite combinations of style, sizes, features, and fixtures. But despite differences in taste and design elements, there is one unifying feature everyone wants to have in their bathroom. It’s so sought after, the National Association of Home Builders says it’s the number one requested feature homebuyers look for in a bathroom.

Can you guess what it could be?

An exhaust fan. This small and inexpensive add-on makes a huge difference in your home, even if you don’t even notice it’s there. Even still, many homes go without. Exhaust fans became part of the building code in the 1960s, but many homes built before then don’t have them and retrofitting a home for this addition can sometimes be a bigger undertaking, depending on your bathroom’s configuration in your home.

Removing the moisture and humidity of your bathroom not only makes for a more pleasant experience, but it can reduce mold and mildew growth, prevent windows and doors from warping, remove odors, and defog mirrors. If your bathroom has paint or wallpaper, it can slow damage to those features like peeling wallpaper or bubbling paint.

There are differently rated and sized fans and your HVAC professional can recommend the appropriate capacity for your space. While it can certainly be done yourself, installing a bathroom exhaust fan is best left to a professional.

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